When it comes to health and fitness, you're in this for life, right? (We certainly hope so.)

This means that whatever you do needs to be do-able, repeatable, and sustainable.

Diets and meal plans are great for short-term change and temporary results, but they are almost always designed for "perfect conditions". The times when life is going well, everything is on track, and you are motivated to put in the work.

But what happens when life gets "messy"?

(as it always inevitably does)

You know what we mean. When you are running low on sleep... When there aren't enough hours in the day... When you get invited to dinner with the in-laws... When everything is just spinning out of control...

Even the perfect diet and most effective workout plan is useless if you can't stick to it.

You're either "on" or "off", all or nothing, right? There is usually very little "in between".


At Sleekgeek, we believe in a different approach.

We want to give you the knowledge and skills to build life-long healthy habits that you can rely on.

Adjustable strategies that can be used in any circumstance to allow you to stay on track and keep progressing towards your goals, no matter what. No more "falling off the wagon".

When something becomes a habit, it's easier and requires less effort to do, freeing you up to focus on other more important things in life. This is how we feel health and fitness should be. Do-able, repeatable, and sustainable. Done right, it should make your life better, not more complicated and stressful.

If you are struggling to sustain a healthy lifestyle, you are not broken, weak, or stupid.
You are likely just lacking a few required skills.  You're missing a piece of the puzzle that is stopping you from having the confidence and ability to live a healthy lifestyle.


Everyone has "limiting factors" in their life.

These are (often unknown) roadblocks in your journey that are holding you back from change, or at least slowing you down and making it a lot harder than it needs to be.  With the right knowledge and a bit of practice, you can overcome or work around your limiting factors.

At Sleekgeek, we want to help you build these skills.

Just like playing the piano or speaking a new language, you don't become skilled over-night.  It requires deliberate and consistent practice of the right things in the right order.

Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent. We want to help you practice the essential nutrition skills required for living a healthy and happy life so that they become permanent long-term habits.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a long-term chronic dieter, we will help you figure out what's most important for you to make the change that you want.


Sleekgeek Nutrition Coaching Program is an in-depth skill-learning and habit-building coaching program that will help you:


You start by telling us about yourself.

Everything from your goals and preferences...

...to your health challenges and daily routine.

From there, you begin a 12-month coaching process that has been tried and tested with thousands of real people just like you with fantastic results.

Every day you will have a lesson and a nutrition or lifestyle habit sent to you. You can either read the daily lessons, or listen to them on the go.

Every lesson is designed to help you better understand and practice the habit you're working on at the time.

So, whether it's eating enough protein...

...or getting enough fruits and vegetables...

...we'll help you develop the skills required for long-term success.

Instead of just learning what you should be doing, our habit-based approach gives you the chance to practice these things, day in and day out. Each day you'll get to click yes or no within your habit card.

Just so you know, all those yeses add up as we track your progress. Everything from body changes to  habit consistency is recorded within the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer three different coaching options.

You get daily emails containing brief descriptions of what you should be working on and thinking about that day. These emails link to a special ProCoach homepage where lessons, habits, and assignments are outlined.

Every 2 weeks you will be presented with a new habit, something you're asked to practice every day, to develop a particular nutrition or lifestyle skill. These habits are explained in detail on day one. And every day after, we remind you about your habit.

To support the daily habits, you will receive brief lessons in the form of articles, videos, audio files, and/or downloads. Your engagement with lessons and assignments is tracked in the progress area for you to look back on and see how you're doing.

Every day you'll also be asked to record whether or not you practiced your habit. Consistency is tracked in a special “Progress” area of the ProCoach interface. This helps you see how consistent you're being.

Every week or two, you are asked to provide your body weight, girths, photos, and other markers of progress, including personally relevant ones that you choose. These are tracked in the progress area for you to look back on and see how you're doing.

 Whatever obstacles arise, your coach will help you overcome them by modifying your program or offering new solutions. Sleekgeek's certified coaches are part nutritionist, part scientist, part caring friend. Find out more about the difference between Group and Private coaching below.

Daily habits.

Daily habit checks.

Daily lessons and assignments.

Regular progress checks.

Professional coaching.

Daily emails.

We use ProCoach, an online learning platform, to deliver your lessons, habits, coach feedback, and everything else that you need right to your computer, phone, or tablet.

An independent approach where you are personally responsible for your own progress and attendance. This is our most popular option.

You will interact with Sleekgeek's certified coaches and your fellow students in a group coaching environment. This includes daily group discussions, regular question and answer sessions, on-demand troubleshooting, and shared experiences with other students in our private Facebook group.

An expertly coached method of study where you get matched with one of Sleekgeek's qualified coaches to give you personal accountability, detailed feedback, and incredible support every step of the way.

You will also have access to the group coaching environment, which includes daily group discussions, regular question and answer sessions, on-demand troubleshooting, and shared experiences with other students in our private Facebook group.

Cut through all of the noise to focus on what really matters to you.  Use this as your driving force to excel on your good days and keep you going on your bad days. No more stopping, starting, and re-doing.

This is system, created by Precision Nutrition, is the exact same
approach to health that we use personally at Sleekgeek HQ.

What started out as a quest to improve our own lives became a passion for helping others to learn how to apply these skills too.

Starting with your end goal and working backward to wherever you (as a unique individual) are right now. Deconstruct what you need to do each day, each week, and each month to achieve your desired outcome.

Take advantage of your "bright spots", the things that you are already good at and use them to your advantage. Learn to apply the success from the other areas of your life to how you approach health and fitness.

Remove or overcome the roadblocks in your life that are holding you back from change, or at least slowing you down and making it a lot harder than it needs to be. Make being healthy easier and simpler, not harder and more complicated.

Turn the complicated world of nutrition into something simple, do-able, and effective that you can do (and feel good about) every day for the next year or more.  No more short-term yo-yoing. This time it's for life.

Learn how to overcome common mindset stickings points such as all-or-nothing thinking, fixed mindset (e.g., "I'm broken"), impulsiveness, self-sabotage, disordered eating, lack of willpower, fear of the unknown, and so much more.

Create an action plan. 

Eliminate limiting factors.

Do more of what you're good at.

Simplify nutrition.

Upgrade your mindset.

Clarify your priorities and goals.

2) Group Coaching.

3) Private Coaching.




Want a better idea of how this all works?

Take a look inside with this video:


I'm a firm believer in learning through doing - we are what we repeatedly do. Sleekgeek's Nutrition Coaching works because it gets you to take action every single day. The skills that you learn are easily adaptable to any situation - whether you are at home, on holiday, or travelling. As for the habits, once the basics of nutrition become more automatic and instinctive it makes life so much easier and frees you up to dedicate time and effort to other important areas of your life.

My personal vision for Sleekgeek was to inspire people to live a better quality life through better health. So far, we have reached over 100,000 people via our platform simply by offering support. When we discovered the Precision Nutrition habit-based approach to health I fell in love with it immediately and it inspired me to take Sleekgeek to the next level. I want you to have access to this meaningful and life-changing solution that is simple and helps you put knowledge into practice.

Coach Eric

Coach Elan

Elan and Eric are both certified Precision Nutrition coaches.

They are involved in both Group Coaching and Private Coaching.



SELF Coaching

All online

Daily lessons

Weekly habits

Regular progress checks

* Completely Self-Taught *



All online

Daily lessons

Weekly habits

Regular progress checks

Private Facebook Group

Group coaching


PRIVATE Coaching

All online

Daily lessons

Weekly habits

Regular progress checks

Private Facebook Group

Group Coaching

+ One-on-One Private Coaching

+ Personal attention

+ Coached accountability

+ Detailed feedback

+ Individual troubleshooting


Once you have been enrolled with us and activated your account, you will begin your orientation process online.

Then, you will start receiving:

Boost recovery.

Troubleshoot sleep and recovery problems while learning how to tone down parasympathetic nervous system activity ("fight or flight" / stress mode) and boost sympathetic nervous system activity ("rest and digest" / relax mode).

Learn through doing.

This isn't a watch-from-the-sidelines "spectator" experience. The entire coaching program is jam-packed with practical exercises to teach you how to eat, shop, cook, plan, prepare, think, sleep, recover, and manage your emotions better. Real action, real results.



If you have any more questions please feel free to contact our helpdesk

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The Sleekgeek Nutrition Coaching Program is a  12-month program, however, you can benefit from a shorter period of coaching (i.e. 3 or 6 months) and can cancel any time.

GROUP Coaching


All online

Daily lessons

Weekly habits

Regular progress checks

Private Facebook Group

Group coaching




PRIVATE Coaching

All online

Daily lessons

Weekly habits

Regular progress checks

Private Facebook Group

Includes all group coaching features

+ One-on-One private coaching

+ Personal attention

+ Coached accountability

+ Detailed feedback

+ Individual troubleshooting


2. How does ProCoach compare to other nutrition software out there?

4. If you don't offer meal plans, what do you offer?

(In case you missed it, the Sleekgeek Nutrition Coaching Program uses a curriculum developed by Precision Nutrition.)

Precision Nutrition is world class coaching company made up of doctors, exercise specialists, naturopaths, dietitians, nutritionists and counselors.

Over the past 15 years, they have helped over 45,000 clients lose over 400,000 kilograms, and coached or mentored people in nearly 100 countries through their research programs, professional education courses, and personal coaching groups.

At Sleekgeek, we started out as eager learners who benefited from their coaching practices and knowledge. Eventually, we decided that Precision Nutrition was the kind of solution that we wanted to offer the Sleekgeek community, so we pursued their professional education course to become certified Precision Nutrition coaches. This gave us the expertise to teach their curriculum and permission to use their ProCoach platform to provide world-class solutions to the rest of the Sleekgeek community.

They were named one of the 10 most innovative companies in fitness by Fast Company magazine, and consult major organisations and professional sports teams such as

1. Can you tell me a little bit more about Precision Nutrition?

They've also written for, or been featured in, these leading publications:

There’s nothing else like this.

Sure, there are other “nutrition software packages”. But they’re generally geared toward generating “customized meal plans”.

Here’s how those programs work: Coaches input a client’s statistics and food preferences, the program spits out a meal plan, and the client is asked to follow that.

Sounds good in principle.

Sadly, only about 1 in 10 clients actually follow a customized meal plan for more than a few weeks. You see, meal plans just aren’t practical. (We’ll talk about this more later.)

But let’s say you do have a few clients who can follow the meal plan. That’s great. How long can they (or will they want to) follow a specific menu? A year? 10 years? 25 years? 

While “meal plan software” sounds good in principle, it’s not very useful in practice. And the evidence is written all over the market.

Hundreds of meal plan websites and apps have come and gone in the last 20 years. None of them stick around very long. It’s a fitting end considering that’s exactly what happens to the clients trying to follow their meal plans.

Needless to say, we use a totally different approach.

Meal plans and diets aren’t useful or sustainable for the vast majority of clients.

Clients often feel like they’re either “on” them or “off” them. The black and white nature of a meal plan suggests that people have to eat perfectly at each meal (to match what’s listed in the plan) — or they’ve failed. It’s psychologically unpalatable and unsustainable.

Even more, meal plans are too inflexible.

They don’t work with the reality of people’s busy lives. Work meetings, children’s programs, meals out, dogs that need walking, cars that break down, family members that get ill, etc. Meal plans take none of these into account.

Finally, meal plans assume people already have the skills to follow them.

But that’s simply not true. Most people who aren’t eating healthy today don’t have the basics down.

Without skills like:

- planning grocery shopping;
- choosing the right items from the store;
- storing and preparing food correctly;
- eating slowly and mindfully;
- tuning into hunger and appetite cues;
- avoiding problem foods; and
- choosing better options at restaurants...

...following a meal plan becomes hopeless. 

You might as well ask someone who’s only strong enough to bench press 135 pounds to do 405 pounds. No matter how badly they want to, they don’t have the skills or capacity.

But these aren’t just intellectual objections. In our experience, only 1 in 10 people can actually follow a meal plan for more than a few weeks.

In the end, meal plans have such limited utility that we left them behind a long time ago.

Instead of meal plans, we use something called habit-based (or practice-based) coaching.

Habit-based coaching is rooted in the best practices of change psychology. In other words, it’s built on the latest science of what actually helps people develop new skills and make change in their lives.

So, instead of giving people a menu that looks like this:

Meal 1 (6:30am): 3 eggs, ½ cup oatmeal, 1 banana
 Meal 2 (9:30am): protein shake
Meal 3 (12:30pm): chicken breast sandwich and small salad

We give them a series of 2-week habits — which are both solid and flexible — to help them build the skills necessary to make better nutrition and lifestyle choices today (and for life).

To support these habits, we also offer relevant lessons and assignments.

Taking into account things like a client’s unique schedule, priorities, belief system, food preferences, food tolerances, and more, we help them build their own “Owner’s Manual” (operating instructions for their unique life).

In the end, rather than telling people what to eat for breakfast and when to eat it, we help them build the skills (and daily habits) required to eat well, every day, no matter what life throws at them.

We also help them discover what’s right for them, in the context of their own unique lives. That’s why our program’s results are so sustainable.


We believe that people can only reliably get to their goals when they do two things:

1. Break down the thing they want to do (goal) into specific aptitudes (skills).
 2. Build those aptitudes (skills) through strategic daily habits (practices).

The formula pretty much looks like this:

- Practice daily to build skills.
- Build skills to achieve goals.

Growth and development comes through daily practices and supporting experiences.

Here’s an example of how this works:

GOAL: Eat better consistently

Let’s say you want to lose weight. You know that to lose weight you’ll need to eat better consistently. That’s your real goal: Eat better consistently. 

But you don’t have all the skills to do it just yet. So you have to break it down into…

SKILL: Hunger and appetite awareness

Which skills are required to eat better consistently? We’ve identified hunger/appetite awareness as the most important initial skill for making progress.

But that’s not quite a concrete thing you can do. So you have to break it down into…

PRACTICES: Eat slowly and stop eating when satisfied

We use two daily practices to build the skill of hunger and appetite awareness.

Practice 1: Eat slowly.
Practice 2: Eat until satisfied, not stuffed.

This takes a month - two weeks for you to learn, practice, and repeat each habit. At the end of a month, you have two very important habits that they can now use for the rest of your life. You've learned it by doing it.

Not surprisingly, people usually lose weight during this time. Because, of course, you're learning to eat a bit less and adjust your intake according to body signals.

Even better, you've built two new habits that you can use for the rest of your life, no matter what else happens.

The ProCoach software delivers weekly habits (like the two above), supported by daily lessons and assignments, to help you not only eat better now — but also build the skills necessary to eat better for life.

Lessons and habits are presented on your "Today Page" like this:

Sound a little weird? Maybe too slow?

It did to us at first too. But it grows on you. We also like the fact that it’s the only method that really works in the long run.

You can’t argue with results. Precision Nutrition has coached over 45,000 clients (who’ve lost over 400,000 kilograms) this way.

None, really.

You see, we’re nutritional agnostics.

While meal-plan approaches require you to choose between vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean, or other “labeled” diets, habit-based approaches don’t force this choice.

This means our progressive systems of habits, lessons, and assignments can work equally well for vegetarians (who eat no meat) or meatatarians (who eat mostly meat).

Of course, we do believe that a healthy diet generally consists of:

- whole, minimally processed foods;
lots of plants;
enough protein to meet your needs;
a healthy mix of different fats;
plenty of water; and
carbohydrates based on activity levels.

Through lessons, assignments, and daily habits:

We help you find the right mix of all these foods for your goals, lifestyle, and preferences. 
We show you how to make meals suitable for you. 
And we help you stay consistent.

However, we go much deeper than just the food.  We also dig into:

Food behaviors (food timing, meal frequency, meal speed, and food amount).
Food attitudes (food views, restriction vs. abundance, disordered thinking).
Stress management (in general, how it relates to food).
Rest, recovery, and sleep (in general, how they relate to food).
Outlook (confidence, resiliency, mastery, and growth mindset).

3. So what's wrong with meal plans?

5. Can you explain habit-based coaching a little bit more?

6. What diet philosophy is this built on?

7. Can I do this as a Vegan or Paleo dieter?


As mentioned above, through lessons, assignments, and daily habits we help you find the right mix of plants, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and calories for your goals, lifestyle, and preferences.

Then, once you've built your unique “Owner’s Manual”, we help you stay consistent with what’s best for you.

There’s nothing in the program that forces a meaty (or non-meaty) agenda.

So, yes, we can help Vegans “Vegan better” and Paleos “Paleo better”. (And everyone else do stuff better too.)

8. How long is the program?

The program delivers healthy eating and lifestyle habits over the course of a full year.

Why a full year? Because the program is about progressively building habits over a longer period of time to promote confidence and long-term sustainability.

The curriculum builds an interesting change arc that culminates with some awesome experiences towards the end.

9. What if I don't want to do a full year?

If you hit the 3 month (or 6 month, or 9 month) mark and decide it’s enough time, you can terminate your coaching.

We do recommend people follow the full curriculum to “the end” because it’s designed to move along a specific teaching and discovery arc, sort of like a story.

However, there’s no harm if folks choose not to follow the whole thing.

You will see before your first month is up just how powerful the coaching program is and how much you will benefit from any number of months enrolled.

10. Who is this program NOT for?

ProCoach is probably not for you if:

- You are a competitive bodybuilder or physique athlete.
- Your are preparing for a specific competition or event.
- You are only looking for help over a very short period of time.

This program delivers healthy eating and lifestyle habits over the course of a full year. So it’s not tailored to elite-athlete or physique-competitor needs.

Plus, the program is about progressively building habits over a longer period of time to promote confidence and sustainability. So, if you are only looking for help over a very short period of time, it’s probably not a good fit for you.

11. I'm a beginner with a lot of weight to lose. Will this work for me?

Yep. This program takes the needs of beginner clients into account, using a habit-based approach rooted in change psychology.

To this end, most beginners feel like the pace of the curriculum is perfect for them and brings out their best.

Even clients with 5+ years of experience with healthy eating and training come to us and benefit because their results aren't quite matching up with their expectations.

Usually, if you experience something like this, the problem is consistency; you know what to do but they struggle with the "grind" of doing it day-in and day-out. And that's the foundation our program is built on.

13. What if I don't want to lose weight, but just eat better?

That's great too! Because lifelong fitness and health is more than losing weight.

This program teaches you how to learn how to maintain a lean and healthy body for life.

From nutrition to stress management to sleep, you will develop a new and healthier relationship to food, eating, stress, and sleep. And that's a major breakthrough for most people.

12. I'm NOT a beginner. Will this work for me?

This curriculum works well for those who are interested in:

- eating better,
- looking better,
- feeling better,
- improving their health,
- losing body fat, and
- experiencing body recomposition.

While muscle gain does go hand-in-hand with many of those interests, this is not designed to teach you how to eat for maximal muscle gain, maximal strength gain, or specific sports performance goals.

14. What if I want to gain muscle?




Learn essential nutrition skills and build healthy habits to effortlessly live your best life.

Enrollment opens May 03, 2017.
The first 30 students to sign up for Group Coaching get 30% off their tuition.
Join the VIP list below to get a notification when enrollment opens.

Daily lessons  •  Weekly habits  •  Group or Private Coaching  •  Life-long change

(or find out more below)



Enrollment opens May 03, 2017.

The first 30 students to sign up for Group Coaching get 30% off their tuition.

Join the VIP list below to get a notification when enrollment opens.





GROUP Coaching





All online

Daily lessons

Weekly habits

Regular progress checks

+ Private Facebook Group

+ Group Coaching

A self-lead approach where you are completely responsible for all of your own progress and attendance.
This option is only recommended for the highly motivated and self-driven.

1) Self Coaching.