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It's entirely optional for you to use our expertly designed plans.

If you do, we have you covered no matter what your capabilities or preference is. 



Effective and efficient exercise plans.

Our Sport Scientist has developed training plans for everyone from absolute beginners, intermediates, or advanced that focus on what really works to help you burn fat, build muscle, and look great.

Use the equipment at a gym or nothing at all in the comfort of your own home. Basic running, swimming and cycling plans too. It's up to you.

Nutrition plans to suit your needs.

Whether you like Traditional, Paleo, Banting, Vegetarian, or something more moderate and in between, we've got you covered with a variety of customizable nutrition plans from our Registered Dietician.

Includes delicious recipes, shopping lists, portion sizes, tips, tricks, and meal plans.


Please feel free to contact our helpdesk



or read more about the challenge below

As if a rocking new body wasn't enough, we have teamed up with some amazing brands to bring you over  R100,000 worth of prizes to be won!





The Sleekgeek challenge is for real people looking for real results.

We have something for everyone, no matter your needs and capabilities.

Our goal is to help you get started, keep you going, and reward your progress.

Look for our testimonials further down the page to see real results!




An effective goal setting process to bring you clarity and focus.


A wide selection of expert exercise and nutrition plans to choose from.


Daily support from our expert team and your fellow challengers.


Check-ins throughout the challenge measure progress and keep you on track.


Weight loss and transformation for both
men and woman.


No gym or specific location required. Access all the information you need online.


Start your challenge on
 Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 or Oct 7.


Over R100,000 worth of prizes up for grabs including cash prizes of R45,000.

We offer a Buddy and Couples Challenge so you do not need to do this alone. 


Frantically busy moms who want to do it all in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

In-shape gym bunnies looking for laser focus and a competitive challenge.

Corporate executives who want to improve their focus and productivity by getting in shape.

Families looking to build healthy habits together and have fun while doing it.

Anyone seeking like-minded individuals to join them on their journey to great health.

If you want to lose 20kgs, 10kgs, 5kgs, tone up, build muscle, or anything in between.


There are 4 different categories to ensure a fair competition.

First, there are male and female categories.

You only compete against those from your same gender.

Then we have weight loss and transformation categories.


You do not choose your category.

Judges will place you into either weight loss or transformation at the end of the challenge based on the results you achieve and which category will give you the best chance of winning.

Everyone entering the challenge needs to submit both before/after photos as well as before/after measurements.

Weight loss is judged based off percentage (%) of body weight lost

Transformation is judged based off before/after photos




ENTER CHALLENGEEnter Challenge: R699Enter Challenge: R699Enter Challenge: R699Enter Challenge: R699Enter Challenge: R699

8-week Summer


If you have any more questions please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions over here 

Enter Challenge: R699

You put some skin in the game by buying a challenge entry and setting your goals.

We provide you with all the focus, plans, and support you need for the next 8 weeks.

The winners walk away with some incredible prizes worth R100,000!

Enter Challenge: R699








Cassandra Santos, Cape Town.
1st place female Transformation Challenge winner. 

"The challenge shows you that a healthy lifestyle is sustainable and encourages you to become a better version of yourself."

"I found the correct eating and exercise plan which is working for me and is part of my lifestyle now! Thanks for you and the challenge!"

Hennie Harding, Pretoria.
1st place male Transformation Challenge winner.


"Being part of  a team. The constant support and motivation was priceless. These girls are my sisters for life!"

Danielle da Silver, Cape Town.
5th place Female Weight-loss Challenge winner. 

"I intend on making this a lifestyle change and see my goals as long term. Because of the support of the community you are not alone with your struggles."

Carlo Wichman, Cape Town.
2nd place male Weight-Loss Challenge winner. 


"The structure of the challenge motivated me to stick to my goals right through the 8 weeks. I often try on my own - but find that I don't stick to it so well"

Amanda Roelofse, Plettenberg Bay.
2nd place female Transformation challenge winner.

"Sleekgeek not only provided me with the motivation to take my training to the next level but also gave me the tools to do so."

Chad Backstrom, Cape Town.
First place male Transformation Challenge winner 


Alexa Kirkhoff, East London.
1st place female Weight-Loss Challenge winner. 

"It works because everyone supports everyone. We like one big team and we want everyone to win! What you pay compared to what you get from this challenge is amazing"

"I would strongly suggest to anyone serious about their health to join the sleekgeek community, enter the challenge and change your life forever

Kris Roux, Pretoria.
1st place male Weight-Loss Challenge winner 


"The FOCUS and the SUPPORT... Priceless! I have never been as focused as I was in those 8 weeks"

Hermien Elago, Namibia.
First place female Transformation Challenge winner.  

"With the help of the challenge I was able to break old habits and focus on what I want - and because of that I'm a happier person who feels and looks like a role model my son can look up to."

Dirk Coetzee, Cape Town.
1st place male Transformation Challenge winner.

Jacque Jacquin, Pinetown 
1st place male Transformation Challenge winner.

"The challenge came for me at a time where I needed something to focus on and committing money to it I had laser like focus. It's totally changed my body and got my mind through a really tough time."

"I am now more motivated than ever to keep on leading a healthy lifestyle and to become the ultimate me. I will be first in line to enter the next challenge!"

Elmarie Spanenburg, Cape Town.
3rd place female Transformation Challenge winner. 

"For me the most valuable aspect, as mentioned above was the the support. That is what made this challenge extraordinary for me.

Jaco Roets, Cape Town.
1st place male Weight-Loss Challenge winner. 

Mione Tryon, Cape Town.
3rd place female Transformation Challenge winner. 

"This Challenge has helped me to realise that it is not just an 8 week challenge but a starting point to get to your ultimate fit and healthy body."

"Throughout the whole experience, I found the community
to be a great source of knowledge and encouragement."

Barry Flynn, Cape Town.
1st place male Transformation Challenge winner.

"Before I started this challenge, I had no confidence in myself or my abilities. I came out feeling like a new, better version of me."

Anje Conradie, Cape Town.
1st place female Transformation Challenge winner. 

"The check-ins keep you motivated! It's nice working against other people and support from the group is amazing when you have bad days."

Kyle Steyn, Durban.
4th place male Weight-Loss Challenge winner. 

"I found the challenge process very useful and the staff are so helpful and awesome!"

Yvonne Bothma, Rustenburg.
3rd place female Weight-Loss Challenge winner. 

"Being part of a team is really a liberating experience. Helping each other daily and seeing the commitment from each person. The support is amazing."

Christiaan Dicks, Hartbeespoort.
1st place male Transformation Challenge winner. Couples Challenge winner. 

"There are SOOOOO many reasons why I  recommend the Challenge to my friends and family, but one of the main reasons is the incredible support structure."

Nicolette Dicks, Hartbeespoort.
2nd place female Transformation Challenge winner. Couples Challenge winner. 

Rian Senekal, Vredendal.
1st place male Weight-Loss Challenge winner. 

"Surround yourself with positive people. For me it was my fiancee Renate, neighbours, friends, family, colleagues and Sleekgeek challengers on Facebook.

"Sleekgeek helps you to surround yourself with people on the same path, people who understand and who have been there and it reminds you to keep believing in yourself."

Carli Mostert, Johannesburg.
First place female Weight-Loss Challenge winner. 


"What really attracted me to Sleekgeek was the “all in one” feel I got. Sleekgeek literally equipped me with EVERYTHING I needed!"

Yolandi Scheepers, Johannesburg.
First place female Weight-Loss Challenge winner. 

Hendrik de Wit, Cape Town.
2nd place male Weight-Loss Challenge winner. 

"This challenge was very special because both my daughters competed with me and we were also part of the same team. I am proud because we all did great."

There are 5 winners in EACH of the 4 categories. (20 prizes in total!)

  • Male/Female Weight Loss (Judged by % bodyweight lost
  • Male/Female Transformation (Judged visually) 

Sales close midnight 8 October

Enter Challenge: R699


The Sleekgeek Challenge is an 8-week
 weight loss and body transformation challenge.

Since 2012, we have:

  • Run 24 transformation challenges.
  • Helped over 20,000 challengers lose more than 22 tonnes of weight.
  • Rewarded them with over R2 million in prizes!

We have used our knowledge and expertise to bring you an 8-week transformation system that works and reliably produces powerful results.

Over the 8 weeks we will help you become the best version of you, whether it means losing weight, packing on muscle, or just living a healthier and happier life.

We have run 24 transformation challenges to date with over 20,000 South Africans taking part.

Total weight lost so far? Over 22 tonnes!

Below is just a tiny handful of the glowing testimonials and transformation photos we receive.

We hope to see your name and photo on this list soon!

Enter Challenge: R699Enter Challenge: R699

Sadly entries for 2019 are now closed. 

Watch this page. Our New Year Challenge sales open Feb 4.

We will soon have a VIP list available for 2020. 

You can put your name on the list and save! 

  • Enter together as a couple and pay R499 per person. 
  • Save R400 on your entry! 
  • R15,000 additional prizes to play for!
  • You are still eligible to win ALL individual prizes.
  • Read more, enter and save here 

Attention Couples!

SAVE R400 

There are 5 different start dates (called "heats") to choose from.

Simply start on the date that best suits you!

You can even sign up now and only select a start date later.





  • R10,000 cash​
  • Clicks R2,500 Voucher
  • Philips TurboStar Airfryer
  • Veggie Bullet by NUTRiBULLET 
  • Garmin Vivofit 4 Activity Tracker
  • 3 months Craig Brown Online Coaching
  • Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine
  • The Body Shop Hamper  
  • GNC Supplements starter kit 





Buddy Challenge: R10,000 adidas vouchers for you to share.

Couples Challenge: R10,000 adidas
voucher + A Smeg kettle + Philips Airfryer. 

Previous BUDDY Challenge winners.
You are who you surround yourself with! 

Previous COUPLES Challenge winners.
Couple who trains together stay together! 


Everyone is entered as an individual challenger and able to win all individual prizes but to increase the stakes we have 2 BONUS categories in the Challenge and R20,000 adidas vouchers to play for! 

Couples also only pay R998 for their entry (saving R400] - Couples entry click here

Simply sign up as an individual and indicate your Buddy's name to us when you start your challenge